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Science and business

We build bridges between the world of scientists, researchers and popularizers of science and the world of entrepreneurs and business.

Scientific research and R&D activities are often very expensive, time-consuming and associated with the significant risk of brining a less than satisfactory outcome. It is not easy to bring your ideas to the right people and attract investors. This is even harder for younger scientists or researchers who work far from major research centres.

The science community needs a way, and a place, to present its plans and actions which will enable scientists to show to people, in a quick and straightforward way, their ideas or work and provide them with the opportunity to obtain co-financing and attract the attention of investors.


Our solution

e-Platform which connects science and business

  • Market and social co-financing of scientific and popular science projects
  • Presenting ideas and searching for investors in the "total support" option – before you even start the project within crowdfunding
  • Assessment or verification of key Projects by the Scientific Council or Experts.
  • Gamification – contests and projects related to science and the popularisation of science.
  • A chance for young scientists to develop professionally and implement their dream projects. A chance for businesses hungry for groundbreaking ideas.


Scientific Board

Experts and their role

Each project launched on the Website is first verified by the Scientific Board which is comprised of experts from various fields. The Scientific Board, acting in cooperation with, guarantees:

  • quality – quality assessment of projects in individual areas and joint decision-making on whether to publish a project on the Website
  • collaboration – interdisciplinary and intra-university collaboration (with the worlds of medicine/ biotechnology/ IT/ technical universities, etc.)
  • credibility – credibility is crucial for the project’s success and its support on the part of the society andinvestors
  • • experience – experience in scientific projects

At the same time, projects can be assessed and verified by other Experts appointed by the Service Provider to the extent and for the purposes indicated above.


ScienceShip financing

Charges to the Service Provider for activities at

1) User registration is free of charge. Keeping his account on the Website is also free of charge.

2) Supporting a crowdfunding project by a User or the User’s participation in a competition does not require any payments to the Service Provider (the owner of the Website) on the part of the User.

3) The fees charged by the Service Provider for activities at the Website apply to only those Users who are Organisers of a Project or a Competition.

  • The Service provider receives 6% * of the value of each amount of support received by the Organiser of the crowdfunding Project. The Service Provider charges the percentage indicated above only when the Organiser receives the support / earns an amount.
  • The Service Provider receives a fixed salary from the Organiser for launching of an individual Competition (see "Fees and payment security").

4) The Service Provider charges fees for advertising or additional services, including in particular those provided by or carried out in cooperation with the entities which enjoy the title of Patron or Partner of

5) The Service Provider itself can also be the Organiser of the crowdfunging Project in scope of e.g. development of the Website or the launch of its new features, or the promotion of Projects and Competitions.

* Please note that additional costs incurred by Project Organisers are related to handling transactions and constitute PayPal's commissions (see "Fees and payment security"), as well as are related to the preparation and delivery of Prizes as consideration.

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