Fees and payment security

Fees charged for the use of the Website
and rules ensuring payment security


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1) User registration - free of charge;

2) Maintaining a User account on the Website - free of charge;

3) Granting support to the crowdfunding project by the User - at no charge by the User to the Service Provider (the owner of the Website);

4) Notification of participation by the user in the competition - no fees charged from the User by the Service Provider;

5) The fees charged by the Service Provider within Scienceship.com apply to only those Users who at the same time are also Organisers of a Project or Competition to the extent indicated below:

a) The Service Provider receives 6% * of the value of each amount of support received by the Organiser of the crowdfunding Project. The Service Provider charges the percentage indicated above only when the Organiser receives the support / earns an amount. The fee is automatically distributed by PayPal between the Organiser and the Service Provider. The amount transferred to the Organiser's account is reduced by the PayPal's commission (see below). The Service Provider prepares an invoice (in electronic format) for the Organiser stating the above mentioned fee rate.

b) The Service Provider charges a fee from the Organiser for the launch of an individual competition.

      (i) Public institutions and universities and their organisational units run competitions based on principles agreed with the Service Provider, including individually set fees (we encourage you to contact us).
      (ii) The Service Provider may offer Organisers who meet the defined criteria established by the Service Provider other fee rates than those indicated in paragraph (iii) below in the context of a special offer organised by the Service Provider.
      (iii) The standard fee for the launch of the competition depends on the total amount of total worth of prize offered in the competition by the Organizer:
      - up to PLN 4 000 gross – gross fee is PLN 500
      - over PLN 4 000 up to PLN 12 000 gross – gross fee is PLN 800
      - over e PLN 12 000 up to PLN 20,000 gross - gross fee is PLN 1 200
      - over 20 000 PLN up to 50 000 PLN gross – gross fee is 2 000 PLN
      - over 50 000 PLN up to 100 000 PLN gross – gross fee is 3 600 PLN
      - over 100 000 PLN gross – gross fee is 3 600 PLN + percentage of the value of all prizes in Competition agreed with the Service Provider (please contact us for more details)

The Competition is launched after it has been approved by the Service Provider (which is a prerequisite for generating invoices) and then the payment indicated in invoice is required by Organiser. The above-mentioned Fees can be changed in the future.

The above Fees are fixed for the Organisers who use ready-made templates of Competition Terms published by the Service Provider on the Website. The use of one’s own terms by the Competition's Organiser requires prior approval of the Service Provider and a verification fee agreed with the Service Provider (please contact us for more details).

6) The Service Provider charges fees for advertising or additional services, including, in particular for entities which enjoy the title of Patron or Partner of the Scienceship.com Website (please contact us for more details)

7) The Service Provider can also be the Organiser of a crowdfunding Project in scope of e.g. development of the Website or the launch of its new features, or the promotion of Projects and Competitions.

*Please note that additional costs incurred by Project Organisers are related to handling transactions and constitute PayPal's commissions, as well as are related to the preparation and delivery of prizes as consideration.

PayPal's commission

Please find more information concerning PayPal's commissions at PayPal's website (https://www.paypal.com/pl/webapps/mpp/ua/useragreement-full?locale.x=pl_PL#16)

Payment security

Each User can only use one PayPal account assigned to the profile established for ScienceShip.com

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