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ScienceShip.com adjustment for mobile devices (RWD)

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Introduction to the project

We would like to develop on ScienceShip.com this solution (according to Wikipedia definition): "Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones)".

How the project will be run (methodology)

We will work on the Project with our IT Team from Advox, who has already prepared for us main functionalities of ScienceShip.com

Importance of the project

ScienceShip.com content and design could be comfortably displayed on different types of screens and devices. As a result, it will be possible to reach an even greater number of project authors and persons who may be supporters or potential investors.

Project's budget description (what for is money needed)

IT development's Team needs are 5000 PLN (about 1 250 Euro) for preparation, implementation and test.

Project's schedule (main stages and dates)

We assume that after receiving the budget which is needed, we will be able to implement the Project within a period of maximum 1,5 month.

What will I do with money, when I won’t get full financing and how will I run the project

All the money that we will gather, will be used for IT development of ScienceShip.com
If we won't success in competing 100% of the budget, we will finance works from own resources and profits. The date for implementation solutions will be extended, but we are determined to implement RWD.
If we collect more money than the estimated budget, we spend it on the development of new, other functionalities of ScienceShip.com

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Praise (e-mail and note). Poster "Join SCS" (email). Letter of thanks and Team photo with autographs (paper). 2x sticker "Join SCS" (paper).

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25 EUR
Awards Set: "Bosun"

Praise (e-mail and note). Letter of thanks and Team photo with autographs (paper). 2 x Poster „Join SCS” (email and paper).

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175 EUR
Awards Set: "Navigator"

Praise (e-mail and note). Letter of thanks and Team photo with autographs (paper). Poster „Join SCS” (email and paper). Mug and mouse pad "Join SCS" Lunch with Founders of Scienceship.

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1 000 EUR
Awards Set: Captain

Letter of thanks and Team photo with autographs (paper). Poster „Join SCS” (email and paper). Mug and mouse pad "Join SCS" Lunch with Founders of Scienceship. The title of “Honorary Member” of ScienceShip.com Team for a period of one yea...

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Research team
Team Head

Robert Murzynowski
Team head

Team Member

Grzegorz Mączyński

IT Specialist

Michał Staniul

Team characteristics

Meet the ScienceShip.com Team which is responsible for IT designing and development. This team has experience in implementation of projects, which may be noticed by using ScienceShip.com at present.

Robert Murzynowski – Team Head
Michał Staniul – IT Specialist
Grzegorz Mączyński – Team Member

Research partners

Advox: a lot of good IT development and graphics, head full of interesting ideas and a lot of coffee! ADVOX is people. People with a passion for: programming in PHP, JAVA, C #, Java Script, and not only designing utility and graphics on the highest level, creation of mobile and stationary applications (in C #, Java, PHP, HTML5, Adobe Air technologies), gaming in Flash and HTML5 technologies, combining internet marketing with technology.


Main Partner


Awards' amounts include the costs of shipping in Poland. The cost of shipping outside the Poland bears Supporter according to price-lists of transport companies - way of shipping and cost will be agreed with the Organiser of the Project.

Dinner in restaurant with the Founders of ScienceShip.com: Grzegorz Mączyński and Robert Murzynowski - award available in Warsaw or Krakow after appointment of Supporter with Organiser of the Project .



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